2017, Nidec Elevator Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Innovation

  In 2016, Nidec Elevator enters China with passion and fresh vitality. Looking back onto 2016, Nidec witnessed the joy of the opening and production. The tremendous growth of the domestic and international market, the first completion of the first project, the guidance of customers and all levels proved that this is a year of harvest. We wish all our customers happy Chinese New Year in the year of rooster, the deep thinkers in Chinese zodiac. 

  Let’s take a look at the achievements we did in 2016.

[Project First with Contrarian Growth]

  Since the March of 2016 till the end of the year, Nidec Elevator completed various landmark projects within 9 months for both domestic and abroad. For the Domestic market, Haier smart home project completion marks the Nidec Elevator first model project, followed by Jianxiang Building, Qingdao new airport and other commercial and public projects. Those public projects are the best verification of Nidec Elevator’s product quality and its own core technology.

  For our overseas market, the year starts with the SWCC housing projects with 347 elevators shipped to Qatar. From the North America to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and South America, Nidec Elevator manufactured more than 40 types of elevators to the world. In particular the high-speed series, with excellent design, noise reduction, door system and low vibration. High-speed projects including India Chennai Bayview real estate projects (5 m / s), Malaysia Arte Plus (5 m / s) and other high profile projects, and we continued to maintain a strategic partnership with high-end real estate developers.

  2016 elevator industry as a special traditional industry in the economicdownturn, the market suffer from deep pressure. There are increasingly fiercecompetitions in the industry downturn and the industry re-shuffles. Yet, withstrong core technical strength and rich experience in project development andmanagement, Nidec achieves contrarian growth. Nidec is expected to reach morethan 40% growth in 2017.

[Precision Manufacturing with Quality First]

  High-quality products cannot be separated from precision manufacturing; Nidec Elevator will always put the quality of products in the first place. In addition to the AMADA Japan imported automated production line, there is also a new configuration of the door automatic welding lines and other large equipment, PMT and other sophisticated detection equipment. It greatly improves the production efficiency and product refinement. Nidec also plans for automatic manipulator and other high-end manufacturing equipment. 
  In order to ensure there is a smooth quality control of the entire process, Nidec Elevator selected senior engineers in the projects to provide technical support for domestic and foreign projects construction and installation phases. We ensure the projects are completed and delivered on time.

  Nidec Elevator established under the TSG standard quality assurancesystem in May 2016 and successfully passed the AQSIQ audit. The elevatormanufacturing, installation, modification, maintenance are licensed under thecountry certificate standards. And in 2016 September, Nidec Elevatorsuccessfully passed the SGS three system certification.

[People-oriented with the Heart on Society]

  Nidec elevator has a high sense of social responsibility and we are amultinational company that cares the improvements of our employees. Nidec ElevatorHR departments established a comprehensive training system, and the staff'sbusiness ability greatly improved. Nidec Elevator also set up trade unions,establish and improve the pay and benefits system. We promote regionalemployment, alleviate employment pressure and provide graduates with employmentand internship opportunities. Nidec Elevator conducted a number of campus andsocial recruitment in 2016 for our own reserves of talent, as well aseffectively enhancing the local employment rate and stimulating the economic development.

[2017, Moving Forward with Intelligence]

  Opportunities and challenges of 2017 have been waiting in front of us. We conform to the trend that drives by artificial intelligence. Nidec elevator in 2017 will have a full range of elevator standard networking system in order to achieve real-time elevator operation monitoring, remote monitoring, automatic alarm, predictive maintenance and other intelligent services. At the same time Nidec elevator high-speed series (5 m / s -8 m / s) will be intensively driving the market and urban life. With the destination based dispatching system, it will also bring more efficient and intelligent elevator riding experience to passengers.

  The world has entered the era of the vertical transportation; Nidec elevator will follow the pace of smart city development. Utilizing R & D and manufacturing strength, we continue to serve global customers with superior products and services.
  2017, we invite you - for the dream of Intelligence!
  Nidec Elevator (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. once again expresses our sincere wishes to our customers and the community a Happy Chinese New Year!