Nidec Elevator Family Carnival

Nidec Elevator held our first family carnival on 11th June 16, 2017. The carnival was set up for all our employees’ children

News | Qingdao Municipal Committee, Mayor Meng Fanli visit Nidec elevator

Under the leadership of Jiaozhou City, Sun Yonghong, Zhang Youyu, Bi Weizhi, Song Yimin and Song Rendeng,

Nidec High-speed launch event

High-speed, High Rise - Elevator Solution

Nidec T.OP Project- The 2nd tallest building in Mexico

While Nidec Elevator high-speed launch event is coming, we proudly present our new high-speed elevator 

Nidec Elevator Heavy Duty Car Lift-Kuwait Audi Showroom

Nidec Elevator successfully installed our heavy-duty car lift in Kuwait lately.

Lift up by Innovation-Nidec Elevator Annual Dinner

Nidecelevator held a remarkable annual dinner on the romantic Feb 14th of2017. All staff celebrated the harvest 

2017, Nidec Elevator Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Innovation

In 2016, Nidec Elevator enters China with passion and fresh vitality. Looking back onto 2016

Narendra Modi Attended the International Stock Exchange Opening Ceremony

The India international Stock Exchange, Gift City had its opening

High-Speed Elevator in Chennai Landmark, India-Bayview

The Bayview project was held by the House of Hiranandani. With 30 years of real-estate development, entertainment