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【Nidec Corporation】

“Be the world No.1!”
In the summer of 1973, 4 young energetic men in Kyoto Nishikyoku addressed the slogan! Perhaps none of them ever imagined the decision they have made change the history of the motor industry but the world.

From the original 4 team members’ startup company to current 120,000 employees and 245 subsidiaries in 45 countries around the world, the leadership of its founder, Mr. Nagamori Shigenobu of Nidec Corporation drives Nidec to become the No. 1 integrated manufacturer of motor drives with a market capitalization of USD30 billion today!
In 2017, Nidec Corporation achieved top in the best global technology and best global CEO!

In 2017, Nidec Corporation achieved top in the best global technology and best global CEO!

1. Brand Finance, the UK-based brand rating agency, released "Top 100 most valuable technology brands 2017",Nidec Corporation ranked 87 among the world!.

Brand Finance make use of "Royalty Relief" to evaluate the value of a brand by assuming that the brand-owned company will need to pay a third party royalties for a trademark without owning the brand name. The company owned the brand, in fact, is to save the cost where the brand value lies.

The calculation of Royalty Relief requires estimating the brand's future sales, multiplying it by the applicable royalty rate, and discounting the net present value of all future "after-tax concession charges," which constructs the current value of the brand.

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 2. Professional magazine "Harvard Business Review" recently released the 2017 Global 100 Best CEO list. Mr. Shigenobu Nagamori, founder and president of Nidec Corporation ranked the 41st!
This was not the first time Mr. Shigenobu Nagamori has been on the list indeed. He was ranked 80th in 2015 and 42nd in 2016. Behind the rising rankings there were little known for their tireless efforts and pursuit!


 ▲ Best Global Top 100 CEOs 2017


 ▲ Best Global Top 100 CEOs 2016


▲ Best Global Top 100 CEOs 2015

 This ranking list will be posted on November to December on the Harvard Business Review. The list focused on CEO performance throughout the term, rather than short-term performance.

The Harvard Business Review examined the performance of CEOs in the S & P Global 1200 Index as of April 30, 2017, calculated their overall shareholder returns for the entire term and the company's increased market capitalization. The Harvard Business Review also includes ESG performance ratings for two different companies.

The weight of this list can be seen!

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【Nidec Elevator】

 Nidec Elevator—a highly valued business segment of the Nidec Group, Mr. Nagamori Shigenobu expressed his great hope and confidence in the rapid development of Nidec Elevator. He believes Nidec Elevator will rank among the best multinational brands in the industry. Meanwhile, he will continue to provide strategic support for the development of the Nidec elevator business.

 Mr. Shigenobu Nagamori  gave his speech during the Nidec Elevator Opening Ceremony

Nidec Elevator Global Manufacturing Bases


Nidec Elevator (Qingdao) Corporation

As one of the strategic development businesses, Nidec Elevator would take advantage of the Group's profound internationalization and technology accumulation to further its global presence. We provide vertical transport solutions through independent innovation, R & D and manufacture of the most high-end products.

 Nidec Elevator — the state of art comprehensive elevator solutions provider!